“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.” ― Jonathan Lockwood Huie

“What do you expect from me?!” I could imagine that’s a question that is asked daily. Or how about, “Set the expectation!” Well what is an expectation? By definition it is a belief that someone will or should achieve something. Yet in reality, it sometimes seems as the blueprint for let-downs. Personally, the keyword for expectation is “belief” —many times people are let down by their own expectations because of what they believe.

So lets role play — I have a buyer who’s looking for a home to retire in and needs to downsize, lives to entertain and needs to move in 6-8 months. I tell them I have exactly what they’re looking for. They currently have a 4 bedroom home but want a master on the main if the next home is a two-story. Cool, I look into 3 bedrooms, maybe a ranch style (single floor home) or a two story home with the master on the main. I put all of the details together to find their retirement home, and then present it. However, the blueprint conveys more square footage than their current home… do you think I’ll meet the client’s expectation? Well it depends, so let’s break it down; weigh out the pros and cons with this scenario, and see if the clients expectation could be met. Scenario Solution | Say if the client currently has 4 bedrooms but really use 3 (master, secondary for guests and a study). The 3 bedroom blueprint could include more square footage in the master, living room and kitchen. And although they’re retiring, they could love hosting holidays for family and friends. Having that extra space in the common areas like the kitchen and living room will not only be needed, but the expectation sounds like it’s being met. Or (my mind went a little off tangent here) what about the client will now have the master suite of their dreams where; Mr. client has now put it in his mind that he could watch golf in the extra sitting space but not be in bed where he would fall asleep or disturb Mrs. Client.

Seeing is believing and believing is seeing."

Sure, a con in this scenario solution is that the square footage is higher than what they currently live in now. And I think it’s fair to say that when a client is telling you that they’re looking to downsize, I’d professionally suggest getting into the guts of what “downsize” means to them. This scenario solution could have turned into a complete disaster from the square footage alone. However it would be my job to show, explain and detail the benefits as to why I believe this would meet their expectations. I would also encourage, ANYBODY, to truly know and understand the expectation results you’re providing. As seeing is believing and believing is seeing in most cases of expectations.


- Nel

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