“Build your life, not live one.” - Chris A. Kutcher

Since the beginning of time, location has been the crème de la crème for the industry of real estate. Think about it, life has always gathered near the “it spot”; the waterhole for the animal kingdom, the sun for the planets, Buzy Burrito Taqueria for Taco-Tuesday. Yeah… I’m going to let that soak in some.

While that settles in, lets talk about one of the many trends you may or may not have noticed in the real estate atmosphere. FOOD— the food industry has exploded and evolved a spot in the location realm of real estate. Eateries are used as focal spots around the world. Think about it… when booking a vacation/staycation/baecation, travelers usually ask the following question: “What is a good restaurant in that area?”

“Invest in your neighborhood.”

Renowned festivals such as Food-O-Rama brings people from all over for great eats and entertainment. The best part is that it brings exposure to the local businesses or vendors, ultimately drawing in the people. People like my husband and I, who love to explore different neighborhoods; especially when trying to decide on an area to raise a family. So the next time you eat at a restaurant or attend a food truck festival, I welcome you to take a look around. Take in the atmosphere and the neighborhood. What do you notice on your drive there and back? Matter of fact why did you go in the first place; would you go back? And last… would I live here? Either way eateries are constantly popping up, in which I encourage you to get out and try/revisit them soon. Get to know your neighborhoods as well as invest in your neighborhoods. After-all, it is your home too.


- Nel

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