Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

So lets talk a little about faith… I think faith is one of the biggest leaps a person can take in hopes that things will become greater. Talking with a friend the other day, I made a statement of “I’m not a big risk taker, unless I know 80% of the outcome”, she stopped me in my tracks. Then the list of risks I’ve taken poured out of her mouth like a faucet. “What about when you moved states? Or getting married? Or changed careers”. Of course I rebutted and said they were calculated risks; she challenged me again and said, “But they’re risks are they not?” Ugh! I guess she’s right, AGAIN (Love you.. mean it).

Either way, taking risks can be hard as the process is not always favorable. Yet, I’ve come to a place where I admire risk takers because it is not easy. I consider myself a calculated risk taker. 80%, for me, is the least I can go, as I have to know the facts and have receipts. However lately, I’ve been keying in on my faith; gut feeling; my epiphanies; the “signs”. Sounds crazy, but the word coincidence wasn’t made for nothing was it?


My new career is a new journey for me, in which it has been nonstop since I transitioned. And it came at the craziest time of my life; literally just married for two weeks. VenChi was at the tail end of the planning period, and I was (still kind of am) scared. A million what-ifs started to plague me, and I began to doubt my decision. Yet if you talk the talk, you better know how to at least crawl. You have to start somewhere, is what I have and continue to hold onto; its a daily reminder of me having goals and pressing forward to achieve them.

Just as Dr. King said, I’ve taken this step without seeing the whole staircase, and I have to believe (especially within myself) that although the climb with have its tough moments, there is something at the top waiting for me.

Think about when you took a risk… how did you feel? Where were you in your life? What were your fears? Where are you now, having taken that risk?


- Nel

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