Life is about choices...right?!

SO lets take it back to July 2018, when I decided to leave corporate america to pursue a new path in the real estate and sell real estate full time. And so that we're remaining transparent here, I was reluctant because I've always hated sales. However, being a broker and knowing I wanted to teach others about real estate, I knew I would have to have some experience under my belt. I didn't do bad at all for my first time; sold over 3 million in real estate, opened my own brokerage and BOOM, the pregnancy test said positive...

Whaaaat?! Yep, I said it. We found out we were pregnant in May 2019 and it was like a wake up call for me. Why? Well because I found that all though I was plowing through my first year, I wasn't happy. I felt unsettled because although someone says they want something, it doesn't mean that they're ready; especially when it comes to buying a home! So with a baby on the way, I had to make a choice of either continuing the chase my living, going back to where I was miserable (property management) or open up a new career search. But let me just say, God is good (ALL THE TIME) and an opportunity presented itself, where I didn't have to dissolve my brokerage, but instead keep it open and also remain in corporate real estate, and I love it!

Saying all of that to say this, life is about choices and (my opinion) whether it's a good or bad choice, is dependent on what the person, who made the choice, decides to do after. I consider myself a calculated risk taker, in which my risk was sacrificing my time to work for a corporation again. However, in turn, I've been blessed to still have a dependable income coming in, while still being able to keep my firm and perfect my craft in real estate. And that could be in any real of real estate really; in other words I get to keep my options open!

Now I have some NonSense for you. Take a moment and think about where you are right now and if you had an opportunity to make a change; it could be personally or professionally. Or if this is a recent occurrence, think about a choice you've made recently and whether you're happy with the outcome or not. Can you do better? Should you do better? Ooo, I have a better one... WILL you do better?



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