“Millennials don't want to be managed, they like to be led, coached and mentored." - Farshad Asl

Funny enough, the conversation on millennials has been a very strong conversation lately. Apparently millennial’s have become the deciding factor in today’s society, from real estate, restaurants, television, social media, and so much more. It's as though millennials are held on a higher pedestal than ever before. And maybe I’m biased because I am a millennial — but for goodness sake they’re holding workshops, classes and more on how to communicate and grab our attention! I had to ask myself if it was really that serious, until I was asked to speak at a seminar earlier this month, bringing the matter to light. To give life to what I’m talking about, I’m going to use my handy-dandy VenChi points to pinpoint a few questions millennials tend to ask the most: 1. Can I use it on my phone?2. Is there a shorter version? 3. Are there pictures? Are the pictures good?4. How many likes or reviews are there?5. How much?

“Google It”

Sure, I’m not saying ALL millennials feel this way, but a mass majority do. Let’s consider the following companies… Instagram, SnapChat, Realtor.Com, Zillow, Google & Yelp. What do these companies have in common? Better yet, use the questions above and use to good ol’ fashioned Who, What, When, Where, Why & How. Each of these companies fit right into the spectrum for the questions above; they're prime examples of who caters the millennial appetite; ever heard someone say, “Google It”, or for my realtors out there, “I found it on Zillow”. Or even better, "They walk around with their face in their phones".

Personally, yes, I do like the ability to glide my thumb (aka scroll) across the screen of my phone, double tap to like something I see, gawk at the amazing angle the photos were taken in and either make a comment below or share it with someone. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in that small amount of time, from the comfort of my phone; heck that’s why I purchased an iPhone 8 to be honest, larger screen, portrait mode for photos... yep, I’m showing this millennial's age haha! I guess its a matter of convenience and quickness, that I love! The same goes for other millennials I've asked. We're not looking to be boggled down with long drawn out instructions, matter of fact if you've ever bought a piece of furniture from IKEA, that my friend, maps out the mindset of a millennial from start to finish!

But wait a minute... what about the short comings of the millennial generation? Sure we love the idea of convenience and quickness, but is this new way of life causing us to overlook things? Things such as terms in a contract; what about the use of our information when we sign-up for online promotions or even apps we download? As a real estate broker, I've seen and heard one too many times, "I didn't read it all" or "Is that in the contract?" or "Why is this contract so long?" As millennials, are we missing out on important information or could this be simplified as well? As time moves on, the demand for computer and software engineers has skyrocketed. Especially with the constant evolution of millennials and generation Z on the rise. Hmm... this should definitely be interesting. What are your thoughts on millennials? I would love to hear your thoughts!


- Nel

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