"One's trash is another's creation." - C.Barnes

First month of the year and it's been a wild one! Constantly on the go, I feel like my sleep cycle no longer exists. All the while playing the juggling act of clients wants and needs is quite amazing. I've come to find that being a real estate professional is a different kind of customer service, as you work as a team. Or at least I try to, while being a guide and reference from start to finish. And with my first sale for the year, we did just that.

"I want my clients to be Educated throughout the transaction."

I'd like to say that my clients had the confidence in me that I will get the job done, and I was in their best interest through the entire process. My goal for each transaction is for my clients to E.A.T (educated, appreciate, and take away). I want my clients to be Educated throughout the transaction; I want them to buy a property whose property value Appreciates within 6 months after close; I want my clients to Take away an experience that they didn't expect and are so ecstatic they tell a friend!

If I can bat a 1000 and hit that goal every time, that would define my career and role as an Associate Broker and a trusted expert putting people in homes, one house at a time. It was funny because I had someone reach out to me and ask if I would bother assisting with a purchase below $200,000; why wouldn't I? My role is to be a guide for all transactions, buy, sell or lease. Who am I to turn my back on those needing real estate assistance? Obviously I wouldn't be a realtor, or a good realtor, if this were the case. So of course it amps me up to keep this train going and pushing past old limits and creating new goals. 2018 awoken a drive in me that I can't begin to explain. Whereas 2019 is a year of learning how to plant and harvest for myself for the first time. So cheers to 2019, to new beginnings, to VenChi; refashioning neighborhoods one castaway at a time.


- Nel

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