“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”- Peter Drucker

So I have officially been on my own since November 17, 2018; and by on my own I’m referring to being self-employed. Let me tell y'all something... it is scary as shit. There is no sugarcoating this one ladies and gents, as there are no butterflies and glitter when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship… What the hell is that?

For me, it's been a literal 24 hour cycle of “what-if” thoughts that run through my head. Entrepreneurship… What the hell is that? I find myself buzzing around like I’ve lost my mind, looking for routine, or should I say a mandatory routine, and so once realizing that no longer existed, I started trying a few things:

  1. Taking time to conduct self analysis; it's been both rewarding and alarming at the same time.

  2. Working out; I found out quickly I hate it. Allow me to clarify the hate; sure there's a gain of physicality, but there's been no joyous feeling as though I am moving in a direction to achieve something. And believe me when I say I’m not knocking my trainer, whatsoever. Hell when I think about the man’s voice, I cringe because it reminds me of 30 Burpee‘s I may need to complete haha! He is very good at what he does, very good. But again for me as an individual, it does nothing for me mentally. Hmm... I might need to analysis this further.

  3. So I have picked up networking more often and that is a whole other movement because I am socially awkward and a homebody. Can I talk to people, yes, most like to tell me their whole life as a matter fact. So it’s not a matter of talking to people, but what they may want to talk about. As of lately, a lot of conversations I've had, have been oddly negative, and if I go back to point 1, I have realized that I am not in the mindset to entertain it. However, I started changing where I choose to network now, and so far so good. So that’s definitely something I’ll keep pushing forward with.

  4. Exploring the world of social media... that's been interesting. Again, this is not to knock anybody, but I’ve noticed a trend, or influx rather, of these master influencers on social media. You see a lot of “Take my class and I will show you how to gain followers, for $500 of course.” Yet, and this is just the analytical person in me, I see you have 16,000 followers but only 30 likes on a post. How does that work? And although I’m fairly new to the “open your social media page to the whole world”, i’m still privy to the saying, “if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense.” So I’m sorry marketing connoisseur, I will not be paying you $500 to up my follower game. I could be foolish for saying this, but I’ll take the upload my content and talk my butt off, to any and everyone willing to listen, for $0 Alex.

So there you have it, the start of my entrepreneurship journey, in which has been challenging yet enlightening at the same time. I've even come up with new core values for myself and my business, E.A.T; educate, appreciate & take-away. See, I am now realizing how important it is for me as a Broker to Educate any and everyone I come across, whether they're clients or not. I want to not only find the best deals, but see my clients' investments Appreciate within the first 6 months. And yes I know the market is inevitable, but I'm choosing and working on not living in fear but in faith. Lastly, I want those I come across to take-away an amazing experience from our encounters. Is that too much to ask for? Nah!



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