The use of solar energy hasn't opened up because the oil industry doesn't own the sun. -Ralph Nader

Let’s take a moment and think about today’s lifestyle trends; vegan, minimalist, or eat, sleep, gym? Either way, these lifestyle practices are geared towards a mindset for better living. Your hear about energy efficient cars like the Tesla or Prius, or the use of natural fuels. But have you heard of energy efficient homes. No? Why?

Working for an energy efficient builder has opened my eyes in many ways when it comes to a home. In some ways I have become jaded because I would love these standards in my own home. Sure you can ask if all of the different standards in the homes I currently sell are needed; my response would be it depends. It depends on what someone is looking for in their home; it depends on what’s important to someone; it depends on how knowledgeable a person is; and it unfortunately it can depend on a person’s income.

Simplicity, Quality and Affordability.

Since I started, I’ve been taking time understanding different components on the homes we build and I was able to break it down in 3 simple words: simplicity, quality and affordability. To give a few examples, spray foam insulation is used in all of our homes. Spray foam insulation improves the air quality in your home, drastically reducing allergens, dust, pest and weather conditions. Spray foam also acts as a fire barrier that will stop the spread of flames in your home and sound proofing. Another standard are our tankless water heaters; tankless water heaters heat your water faster as well as waste less water; the unit can last twice as long than a conventional heater. Both can be costly, individually, however these are features that are standard in the homes we sell. Not to mention my builder is 100% certified by Energy Star itself. Now that this has posed a thought in your mind, what are your thoughts about energy efficiency? When’s the last time you inspected your house, utility bills or performed maintenance? What would you do to make your quality of home living better? I would love to hear your thoughts.


- Nel

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